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Thus onus is on students to review and complete these materials. Case studies Project report Exam 2 Critical thinking and problem solving Recognise and explain the fundamental role of accounting numbers in the valuation of entities; Identify and utilise value-relevant information contained within financial statements; Case studies Project report Exam Prepare and substantiate a valuation that incorporates the strategic, accounting and financing activities of a business entity.

See marking guidelines for In-class test above. Obtain a note from the tutor of your substitute class to verify attendance, and provide it to your tutor the following week. A history of previous applications may preclude a student from being granted special consideration.

Business Student Centre https: Other suggested textbooks in the library that can be referred to if you should wish to conduct further self-study in the topics covered by this course are: Students who need assistance with their writing skills are strongly advised to contact the Learning Centre or the Education Development Unit EDU as writing skills are taken into account when marking all assessments.

You should be able to participate collaboratively and responsibly in teams, and reflect on your own teamwork, and on the teams processes and ability to achieve outcomes. If the Faculty panel grants a special consideration request, this will entitle the student to sit a supplementary examination.

Discursive Marks are awarded based on the students ability to demonstrate: Follow along with the readings indicated on the course website. No other form of consideration will be granted. You should be able to identify and research issues in business situations, analyse the issues, and propose appropriate and well-justified solutions.

Course Assessment Item This learning outcome will be assessed in the following items: Quality Assurance The ASB is actively monitoring student learning and quality of the student experience in all its programs. You should be able to identify and apply current knowledge of disciplinary or interdisciplinary theory and professional practice to business in local and global environments.

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Supplementary exams will not be held at any other time. Originally Posted by She's an international student, so either way it doesn't matter for her. ACCT provides a view of accounting in a seminar approach and seeks to offer insights into real world accounting issues.

Lectures, tutorials, textbooks, assessments and other resources are all provided to help you fully comprehend and appreciate the concepts of this subject. Local and international research indicates that students who engage early and often with their course website are more likely to pass their course.

You will only be allowed to sit the in-class test in the tutorial that you are enrolled in. AFM1B builds on this introductory knowledge from AFM1A by showing ways in which accounting information systems can accommodate more complex events and provide additional reports.

Assignment 2 covers material from weeks 3 and 4. Supplementary exams will be scheduled centrally and will be held approximately two weeks after the formal examination period.

Applications will not be accepted by teaching staff. In this course, we will seek your feedback through various channels including the evaluation forms. All assessments with the exception of Online Quizzes 3b Oral communication Communicate ideas in a succinct and clear manner.

Produce oral presentations that communicate complex disciplinary ideas and information effectively for the intended audience and purpose.

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All attempts must be submitted. You should be able to select and apply disciplinary knowledge to business situations in a local and global environment.

ACCT1511 Accounting & Financial Management 1B

If you prefer to use a different address please ensure that your UNSW is forwarded and that you include your name and student ID when communicating with staff or other students. Our graduates will have a sound awareness of ethical, ACCT Business Analysis and Valuation 2 5 social, cultural and environmental implications of business issues and practice.

Wednesday, 24 th February, If a student lodges a special consideration for the final exam, they are stating they will be available on the above dates. The lecturer-in-charge will need to be satisfied on each of the following before supporting a request for special consideration: Special Consideration and the Final Exam in undergraduate courses: They will also test your ability to think critically and to apply what you have learnt, and assist in your preparation for the in-class test and final examination.

Part one outlines the four basic steps in the fundamental analysis framework: You must use appropriate communication level with staff, s and discussion board posts that use short hand and SMS language are not acceptable, and communication must be in English. The course website contains video and audio presentations.

StudentVIP textbooks, tutors and reviews for UNSW ACCT Accounting and Financial Management 1B. Week 3 acct s2c3 Workshop. Viewing now. Interested in Week 3 acct s2c3 Workshop? ACCT - Spring week3.

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It’s truly become something I can always rely on and help me. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I. Oct 10,  · Uni Grad Gender Female Location Kensington Posts it makes me lazy. I would try something like ACCT or something like that, where there are actually contact hours.

(that's my opinion for summer courses) ECON (Macroeconomics) summer course? Originally Posted by tambam. posted Jan, pm AEST posted Jan, pm AEST User # posts. Panaphonic. Forum Regular reference: Time to look for a job while waiting to see what the summer school options are.

User # 11 posts. Lexi I'm new here, please be. Summer clear all filters Home Study Guides (,) AUS (8,) UNSW, UNSW Sydney () ACCT (70) ACCT TOPIC 5 Tutorial Answers Semester 2, Final Exam Quest 54 views 11 Pages Winter View Document.

University of New South Wales. Here is the best resource for homework help with ACCT Financial Accounting 1B at University Of New South Wales.

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Acct1511 summer 2012
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