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In fact, they mistakenly thought she was working alone, and not the leader of a well-organized team that had saved the lives of over 2, children. Each was given a new name and a new identity as a Christian. She would be forced to leave empty-handed, returning the next day to find that the entire family had been sent to Treblinka.

Many of this number were already outside of the Ghetto and in hiding. A version adapted to be read by children was created by Mary Cronk Farell. East News Poland Irena Sendler was raised in a home of compassion.

Irena Sendler

She was known for her effectiveness and displayed a sharp edge when confronted with obstruction or indifference.

Their teacher, Norm Conard, gave them a short paragraph about Mrs. The state competition is set for April 29 in Austin.


She survived on her own in warehouses for several months, until she was reconnected with members of Zegota. The only thing that gave her strength to withstand this pain was the knowledge that there was no other hope for survival.

Righteous Among the Nations

On 11 Aprilshe received the Order of the Smile ; at that time, she was the oldest recipient of the award. The best entries from the paper category have a chance to be read by many. She and her team of twenty-five organized to smuggle out as many children as possible from the Ghetto. Sendler, then known by her nom de guerre Jolanta, took over the section from October There might not be a single-word translation for dharma in Western languages.

Facts about Irena

OverJews had been forced into the small block area that was the Warsaw Ghetto; 5, were dying each month. They develop into better writers as well as more confident and capable researchers. Sendler spent years after the war, with the help of her lists, trying to track down missing children and reconnect family members.

Religious, tribal, national wars continue. Irena felt that her efforts were helping only to prolong the suffering, but doing nothing to save lives. After all, no one had ever heard of this woman; Schindler, who was so famous, had rescued 1, Jews. Even the many secular Jewish parents shrank from the thought of surrendering their children into Catholic homes or convents, where they might be baptized or taught Christian prayers.

She stresses that the goal was not to convert people to Catholicism, but rather to save lives. Due to the Communist regime's suppression of history and its anti-Semitism, few Poles were aware of Zegota's work, despite the unveiling of a plaque honoring the organization, innear the former Warsaw Ghetto.

Not only do they do better in social studies, but in reading, science and math as well.

Irena's Children

She received a death sentence. Download file "Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project" to see previous pages I promised myself to never let anyone undergo what I had. Then in college, I read about Irena Sendler’s project of saving thousands of children from the Nazis in Germany.

Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project - Essay Example

The Hallmark Hall of Fame award winning DVD featuring Anna Paquin as Irena Sendler is now available to order. The DVD is a great secondary addition to reading the “Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project” book by Jack Mayer. irena sendler what was irena sendler granddaugters name?

love how strong irena was so strong she saved my great great great uncle from death he was at his friends house he was not a well jew but got hered with the rest of the jews so thanks!

Most of us want to make a difference. We see suffering, injustice and death, and are moved to do something about them. But working out what that ‘something’ is, let. Facts about Irena which are not generally known.

All of these are from primary sources. Irena Sendler was born as Irena Krzyżanowska on 15 February in Warsaw to clientesporclics.comław Krzyżanowski, a physician, and his wife, Janina. Irena Sendler, The Woman Who Saved Children From the Nazis Words | 2 Pages. The Holocaust was the systematic murder and persecution of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators during January through May

Essay on irena sendler
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Life in a Jar - The Courageous Story of Irena Sendler