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In Middlesexthe discontent was particularly manifest in Groton and its neighborhood.

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Being able to occupy and maintain control of the courthouses in Massachusetts meant that no more farmers would unjustly represented in court. I know not where that influence is to be found, or, if attainable, that it would be a proper remedy for the disorders.

The farmers were in desperate need for more currency in the state. The financial crisis in Massachusetts was especially severe because of a scarcity of currency and attempts by the Commonwealth to liquidate its war loans quickly through heavy taxation.

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What freedoms are you willing to give up in an effort to maintain order. Hancock shortly after was elected as the new governor of Massachusetts. A great amount of personal service, of treasure, and of blood, had been expended in the war to gain independence; the soldiers who had served their country long and faithfully had returned home penniless; the continental paper money issued to pay continental debts had become worthless; the public credit was destroyed; the State, and every town in the State, were deeply in debt; and contracts between individuals, entered into on the basis of paper money, had to be executed on that of silver or its equivalent—then an article of extreme scarcity.

Hancock, portraying mercy and forgiveness, informed the people that the rebels involved may have been misled in their participation, and if those rebels were to come forward by September 12, and pledge an oath of allegiance to the state, their actions should be forgiven.

During the ratification campaign the proponents of the Constitution, the Federalists, were labeled as Washingtonians, while the opponents, the Antifederalists, were labeled as Shaysites. Daniel Shays and "His" Revolt Daniel Shays, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, first came to prominence in September when a group of insurgents closed the state court then meeting at Springfield, Massachusetts, and threatened to seize the federal arsenal located there.

Americans had suffered hard economic blows during the war and now were excluded from traditional trade within the British Empire. On the 27th of June, Capt. At the same time, onerous property qualifications for voting or holding office, and the high cost of maintaining local representatives at meetings of the state legislature in faraway Boston meant that the citizens of central and western Massachusetts—including many veterans of the war that had made the new nation—found themselves with no say in a distant state government.

Terrorism is a recurring fad. Note that the constitution provides for a bill of rights, for education, and that all men are born equal. Fiction K - English - Words: It ends with the line, "Obedience to the law is true liberty.

Ringleaders who eluded capture fled to neighboring states, and pockets of local resistance continued. The legislators ultimately made matters worse when they enacted the direct taxes that were enforced through the court system. Many were fined and often jailed. Varnum of Boston gave Capt. John Bly and Charles Rose, however, were hanged on December 6, There is no telling as to what Shays followers would have done if they had seized the federal arsenal in Springfield.

The whole numbered about one hundred men. During the war, he served for five years, rising to the rank of captain.

Shay’s Rebellion Essay

Also the president was given a span of four-eight years if reelected to make some kind of change and he would not be effected so much by the majorities opinions. Benjamin Franklin, the chief executive of Pennsylvania, offered to send troops to Massachusetts to support the state government and his old friend, Governor James Bowdoin.

Shattuck was chased down and arrested on the 30th and was wounded by a sword slash in the process. The letter to General Benjamin Lincoln, who was marching westward to quell the rebellion, seems to offer one last chance to avoid armed conflict. Although an apology for the state government written by the clerk of the House of Representatives, Minot, a founding member of the Massachusetts Historical Society, wrote in the immediate aftermath of the events he describes.

But Richards contends that the Massachusetts ratification battle was much more than just between Shaysites and Washingtonians. Not having property made farmers lose their right to vote. The insurgents consequently disrupted the state courts, and attacked local authorities who supported the government.

The rebels moved generally north and east to avoid him, eventually establishing a camp at Petersham, Massachusetts. After putting in their service for the Continental Army and winning independence for America, the farmers were hoping to get back to their everyday life on the farm.

Choose Type of service. Massachussetts authorities raised a small army and crushed the rebelllion. Adams proposed a new legal distinction that rebellion in a republic should be punished by execution.

He was remanded to the jail in Concord. The consequence was a great multiplication of lawyers and expensive lawsuits, and the additional burdens they imposed; and attachment and sacrifice, by public sales of property, to discharge heavy, distressing executions. Even more important, the data complied from town histories, records, and tax lists yields evidence that differs greatly from the conventional wisdom.

University of Pennsylvania Press, In Massachusetts the "sound money" men were property owners and controlled the government. As the aide explained, the insurrection was strictly local.

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The events surrounding the Newburgh Conspiracy and Shay’s Rebellion. The events surrounding the Newburgh Conspiracy and Shay’s Rebellion highlighted fundamental weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation. Are you looking for a similar paper or any other quality academic essay?

Then look. Unit 2 APUSH Essay Possibilities. Shays Rebellion and Whiskey Rebellion are similar because they both were started because of similar economic issues, they are different because Shay's Rebellion showed the weakness of the Articles of Confederation while Whiskeys Rebellion.

What is Shays rebellion? Revolt by farmers to protest the high taxes and forced selling of their property. What was the name of the leader of Shays rebellion? Daniel Shays. Describe the virginia plan. The Virginia Plan was proposed by Edmund Randolph of Virginia. His plan proposed a new federal constitution that would give soveriengty, or.

Significance of Shay’s Rebellion Essay Sample The outrageous American Revolution War left a lot of scars and bruises that had major affects on the country. On August 29, in Massachusetts, a rebellion broke out as one of the results that came after the war.

Freedom, Equality, Order 1. Select either Shays’ Rebellion or ADA, Discuss how your chosen event/ legislation is either an example of Freedom vs.

Order or Freedom vs. Equality. I selected Shays’ Rebellion, and I learned that the events that happened throughout that rebellion was a Freedom vs. Equality situation because what was happening [ ].

Shays' Rebellion was the clash between farmers and merchants that tested the uncertain institutions of the new republic. It threatened to plunge the United States into a civil war. The rebellion arose in Massachusetts inand soon spread to other states (CFR)/5(4).

Shays rebellion essay
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